Elagabalus – where are you now?
Where is your sting?  
You, who ruled millions 
In a dress and wanted to be called 
Mistress by your charioteer 

Oh Elagabalus – where are you now?
Where have your green gold eyes gone and 
That sting of emotion when you 
Looked into my face and asked to be 
Called mistress by your lover, by me

Elagabalus – where are you now?
By what right do those in power call
Us bitter rivals and keep us from meeting?
What shame we must have in our
Love that they try to keep us apart

Oh Elagabalus – where are you now?
Death has called upon you
With her bitter sting
Too early for one as beautiful as you so she
Came in peace with a knife 

Elagabalus – where are you know?
Your dress is empty and 
Your place taken by Another and 
Another and Another and
My grief will never be quenched

Oh Elagabalus – where are you now?
You who dared to rule effeminately
And to tear down the old gods
Such blasphemy and for that
You were murdered and your memory forgot 

Elagabalus – where are you now? 
What bitter memories I have of you 
As you ruled millions in a 
Dress and dared to be called 
Mistress by one so low as I.

Letters from Germany 

She wrote me letters from Germany 
And told me of her loves,
Loses of innocence and of 
Her first time becoming drunk, 
No control in her time 
Of transition and soul 
Searching days abandoning herself 
On long train trips through the 
Countryside and the farmers who 
Wouldn’t couldn’t wave and of her
Parents the mother who bought her 
Jeans a size too small and of her
Life the pain confusion joy of 
Spending a summer in Germany 
Writing letters to me to
Ease her troubled mind.